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Knoema Geo Playground

Provides the geospatial awareness of the dynamics affecting the welfare of the markets and communities of your interest.

Knoema's Geo Playground provides the geospatial awareness required to better understand modern dynamics underlying economic interactions, human welfare, and the political stability of nations. Geo Playground allows users to shift the data focus away from political boundaries and to the interplay of people across communities, cultures, economies, and geographic terrain.

Explore data geospatially without the resources of a cartography or designer while enjoying the flexibility to select your datasets, adjust colors, and even choose which symbols to assign to your points of interest from our icon catalog. Select a geographic region of interest and overlay standard social and economic measures with geolocated data ranging from market prices and conflict points to schools, roadways, and cultural points of interest.

Geo Playground提供对复杂议题的分析功能,可以支持预期分析,改进针对系统震荡的分析恢复能力,并增强您对于动态学的认知,而此动态学正在对您所感兴趣的市场以及社区的福祉产生影响。


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